I’m Loving…

I'm Loving...

What a week it’s been. It feels like it has passed in perfect timing, you know not too fast that you barely know what day it is, and not dragging along either. So many wonderful things are happening. The garden is pretty much planted, aside from the swiss chard plant I’m on the hunt for, seeing as I had so much luck with it last year. Family and friends are celebrating milestones in their lives, from college graduations, to birthdays, to wedding and baby showers. And then there’s me, with endless doors opening, I have found a new invigorated sense of inspiration, motivation and confidence. It only makes a bit of sense, since at the beginning of this week I decided my mantra was going to be “I am Unstoppable,” and I totally feel it! I’ll be working on a bunch of new projects and recipes this weekend, so be sure to stay posted for what’s to come on The Dreamery. But how about you, are you finally enjoying this Springtime and the outdoors?! Hope you have an amazing weekend, whatever you do! Here are just a few lovely things I’m loving…

Top Image: Flowers crowns are everywhere, but I’m smitten over with placing atop beautiful pies! Thank goodness for The Proper Blog’s Instagram, because I found and fell in love with this piece of art.

I'm Loving...Have you heard of Draper James? Well Reese Witherspoon, the epitome of southern charm has started her own lifestyle enterprise with beautiful home decor, fashion and entertaining pieces, and I love this summer bag.

I'm Loving...At first glance this wedding looks part of an editorial, but it’s a real wedding and the bride knocked it beautifully out of the park garden.

I'm Loving...There’s much to be giddy about with Spring 2016 Bridal Collections, one of my favorites Sarah Seven.

I'm Loving...I had to feature this Aloha inspired bridal shower again because I just love it so much, every detail is just perfect for summer soirees.

I'm Loving...When summer vegetables are a plenty, make a lush table scape like this one. Who said food is only for eating.

I'm Loving...This weekend I’ll be firing up the grill to make these shrimp tostadas.

I'm Loving...I couldn’t be more in love with a laundry room than this one.

I'm Loving...Part greenhouse part shed, this lovely little spot is a necessity in a gardener’s home.

I'm Loving...I’m all for saving some money on bug repellents that actually work, and this simple how to for citronella candles gives you a reason to finally use up those pretty tea canisters.

I love to dance, and not being able to dance, or walk most of last summer was really a bummer. But upbeat/carefree songs, like these remind me of Portugal and make me excited to dance this summer away. Considering my birthday is in June, you’d say I have much to celebrate this season! And isn’t it wrong for me to want my summer to be like this video!

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