15 Vegetarian Friendly Thanksgiving Ideas

It’s the last weekend to do major grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. And for most, like myself, you end up finalizing your menu right before heading to the market. If you haven’t quite figured out what dishes you’ll be serving up on Thursday, here are some delicious vegeterian-friendly Thanksgiving meal ideas!

Get creative with the crowd-pleasing cheese board by adding spiced pumpkin seeds and homemade quince marmalade along with your cheeses, crackers, bread, dried fruits and nuts.


Pistachio Kale Chips are a delicious yet healthy appetizer to snack on, the best part they can be made ahead of time. img_6493

I’m really debating making biscuits, Joy makes these classic sweet and savory versions look heavenly.Classic-Biscuits-Sweet-and-Savory-11-e1415756550124

I love starting a dinner with a soup, and this Spiced Butternut Squash Apple and Roasted Beet soup is the perfect light starter to a large meal.img_8596img_8702

Most vegetarians don’t look forward to Thanksgiving as meat eaters do, but this Caramelized Butternut Squash and Kale Lasagna looks like something I would look forward to each year.421b5040d711152b00e1ac6b01448f27

Sage butter makes the classic sweet potato heavenly, especially when it can be made two days before too.


I love a warm vegetable salad, and brussels sprouts, raisins and pecans make for a wonderful fall flavored side.brussel-salad-

Of course you need “the” classic apple pie and pecan rum pie.img_95031img_95231

Make a twist on another fall fruit pie with personal cranberry pies.img_3106

Thanksgiving is usually always about the pie, but I think a cake for coffee or tea is aways needed. I especially love this decadently delicious Honey Sage Whole Wheat Cake that could be made with winter citrus.img_3823

For an adult-only affair, why not serve up festive cupcakes made with a boozy caramel like Pumpkin Beer cupcakesimg_1553

And don’t forget the cocktails! Create a signature drink for your Thanksgiving this year by serving up a large pitcher of this cozy apple snap cocktail.


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