Friday Favorites

It’s been another quiet week, and for someone like myself who can’t sit back and not do much, recovery from knee surgery has been a challenge. I haven’t spent hours conjuring new recipes in the kitchen, or going to the farmer’s market, or even worse been able to work in the garden, but these quiet days are still beautiful and have given me more time to reflect on my goals. From something as simple as a new book to fresh flowers, there has still been much to smile this week. I’m hoping to spend some quality time outdoors this weekend with my boyfriend, and although I won’t be doing much, I’m happy I’ll get to spend some time with him after a week of work away. Hope you take advantage of the slowly dwindling days of summer. Friday Favorites Fresh flowers make sitting around seem a bit better Friday Favorites A refreshing summer salad of watermelon, cucumber, avocado and cilantro dressed in lime juice juiceFriday Favorites A train stop that was reminiscent of another decade
Friday Favorites A last beach getaway the boy before having my surgery Friday Favorites A collection of herbs from the garden to dry
Friday Favorites It took a few days but Marley finally got use to my brace and wouldn’t leave my sideFriday Favorites A get well card from my best friend was the perfect reason to smile Friday Favorites August just seems like a great time for a mini cleanse, felt great after the LifeJuice 3-day juice cleanseFriday Favorites I’m a sucker for planners, and I finally get to use my pretty Kate Spade one Friday Favorites Dreamcatcher from Rivera Maya Mexico
Friday Favorites Picked up Rodale’s Organic Gardening Encyclopedia to make sure my vegetables are growing their best, and my kind of summer read Dan Barber’s The Third Plate. I’ve only just gone through the first 4 chapters and I’m captivated by the history of how our food system became and fell, an interesting view on the future of food.

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